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» 2009-06-25 City statistics from the visit!
From here you can see the statistics of the cities of origin of the visits. It is active, the new ''City'' section in the menu at the top near ''Nation'', that will help you see clearly the localities from which the visits on your sites. Also in the Nation have the detail to the Country with their city. The section is still in Beta stage but is already bringing good results to extend the specifications of the Statistics Vivistats. The new section you'll find only inside the Members Area.
» 2009-06-10 Statistics divided by hours!!
New section useful to monitor the influx of people during the day, in addition to the existing division of the trading day divided by hours, by now you can see the times of greatest traffic in several months of statistics. Enter in Member Area to see this new section!!
» 2009-06-09 New details in the statistics of Vivistats!
NOW it is possible to know the city of origin of recent visitors daily. By viewing the details of the visitors close to the Nation will see the CITY of origin of the visit.
» 2009-01-28 Details Pages Visit
From today more details visit the pages, now in the statistics of the counting ViviStats find more detailed pages.
» 2009-01-20 Maintenance Statistics
We are conducting a maintenance Stats Vivistats