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» Because every time I open a page on my site the counter increasing the visit?
Must change the data to be displayed at the moment you see the page views and unique visitors not. To change this setting should go inside to The Members and click on the item: Image Counter them choose the category of image, then what should be displayed, must set: "Show visits."
» How can I exclude certain countdown IP from the counter?
We are reimplement the system to exclude one or a series of IP statistics in the future will be 'available, but unfortunately, not very short time.
» How can I protect site statistics recorded on ViviStats?
Just change the visibility of the statistics of the meter, entering from the States and clicking on the Management and Counter red Configure Counter. Now is your meter is visible at all but if you put the restriction will be seen by entering the meter from the States, or one created by users from the States.
» How can I update my counter?
To change the settings of your meter should enter at the www.vivistats.com Members on the site and go to Manage Counters where it can change the image of the meter or data relating to his counter.
» How do I change E-mail into my profile ViviStats?
You can not change the email address registration ViviStats, the only way is to be made a new entry with the new address and recreated the counters in the new account
» How do I delete a counter?
To delete a counter must go inside to The States, under the heading "Management Counter" and then click the "Delete meter and confirm the deletion.
» How do I delete my registration?
To cancel your registration must come from the members and click on the menu: "Personal Data" then on "Cancel Your Registration." In so doing it will erase all your data from our site.
» How do I recover my password to access statistics?
To recover the password must use the password recovery: http://de.vivistats.com/default.asp?page=lost_pass
» How do I reset my counter?
The only way to start from scratch is to create within your account to a new meter and replace the code on the site.
» Is there a way to make the counter invisible?
At the moment there are no codes for your application in the future will certainly be developed but not a short time.
» Should I put the code only on the home page or all pages on my site?
The meter takes notice only pages that contain the code we provide, to track all the pages you must enter the code on every page.
» Why do not I see more the last 20 visitors?
We changed the display, now in the first screen show the last 20 days in visitors to be, if not at least 20 show a tab "Last 20 Total visitors", clicking the above appear to utlimi 20 Total visitors in recent days, so it's only a change of view of statistics.
» You can check if the time of my meter is right?
Probably the Time zone set during recording is not correct, we need to change the restricted area, go to Personal Data entry and change only the "What time is it."